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Kickback Fundraiser

Shultz Subs 

You get a specified amount of each sub sold, total earned will come off your Dues! 

Order Forms will be handed out on the First day of practice. This is an Optional Fundraiser that helps lower your Dues. 

Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets are $2 each and each family is required to sell 25 tickets or there is a $50 buyout option. 

Tickets will be handed out on the first day of practice and the drawing will be held on September 30th!!

Vendor Bingo

Tickets for our vendor bingo will be $20 each. Each family is required to sell 4, or there will be a $50 buyout. 

Vendor Bingo will take place 11-17-18 at the Pleasant Valley Fire Dept.

Please visit the Full Year Page to see additional fundraising commitments

Full Year