Tanya Golden


18u Head Coach

Coaches Bio:
Tanya Golden has committed herself for over 17 years as a volunteer for recreational cheerleading. She has performed the role of coach and director while holding a board position for the FSK Jr. Eagles and West Carroll Cheer Rebels Xtreme simultaneously for the last 3 years. She started out with the FSK Jr. Eagles program coaching her first daughter for flag cheerleading. She followed her through the ages of cheer for several years then assumed the role of Cheer Director in 2006. From 2015 to 2018 she sat on the FSK Jr. Eagle Board of Directors. She transitioned to the Rebels competitive cheer program with her younger daughter in 2015. In 2016 she assumed the role of Competitions Coordinator for WCC and shadowed the Area Director to move into the Role of Area Director for the 2017/2018 season. Tanya has coached ages 4-18 including sideline, pom and competitive cheer. Tanya enjoys all aspects of cheerleading and is always looking for new things to learn. She is very structured in her coaching and well respected by her cheerleaders and parents alike.


Kelsie Plank


10u Head Coach 

Coaches Bio:
Kelsie Plank started cheering in 1st grade and cheered for the FSK Junior Eagles through 8th grade including the Jr. Eagles competition squad. She also cheered all four years of her High School career at Francis Scott Key. Following High School Graduation, she attended Mount Saint Mary’s and graduated with a degree in Accounting in 2014 while continuing to help out with her childhood program as a coach. She became a head coach for several years as well. In 2016/2017 she joined the West Carroll Cheer Rebels Xtreme program as assistant coach and quickly assumed a position of head coach in the 2017/2018 season. She has willingly taken on the role of Competitions Coordinator for the last two seasons with the Rebels program and proven to be a valuable asset to the Rebels family. Kelsie loves to see the girls faces with excitement after they have accomplished something they have worked so hard towards. Not having any children of her own yet, she has been and is committed to teaching and nurturing young girls grow as cheerleaders.

Kara McHargue


10u Assistant Coach 

Coaches Bio:
Kara McHargue is a medical administrative assistant for 13 years who works long hours and still manages to commit to the Rebels program as a coach and board member. She was a cheerleader for about 5 years in her youth/teen days and has been supporting her two girls in their cheerleading career since 2014. In 2016 she agreed to an assistant coach position for the FSK Junior Eagles sideline program and transitioned in the winter to the Rebels for competitive cheer. Shortly after she accepted the board role of Fundraising Coordinator and currently holds Assistant Fundraising Coordinator title. She is always willing to help any role in the success of the program. She is passionate about doing what’s right for all the kids and sacrifices any free time she has.

Carries Ames


10u Assistant Coach

Coaches Bio:

Carrie Ames is a graduate of James Madison University where she studied early childhood education. She is currently employed as a project manager. Her youngest daughter began to show interest in cheer in 2016 and her older daughter in 2017. Carrie became assistant coach for the FSK Jr. Eagles flag cheer in 2017 and moved into a role as assistant coach for Rebels Xtreme the same year. While still early in her cheer coaching career she is often learning alongside the younger cheerleaders which gives her a unique coaching experience. To see the girls work so hard and accomplish things that they never thought they could do always makes her smile. Carrie is always willing to help in any way needed and is looking forward to continuing to grow and learn, alongside her daughters, as Rebels!

Tara Franks


10u Assistant Coach

Coaches Bio:

Tara Franks is relatively new to cheerleading. She has two boys who have been involved in recreational football for many years. More recently her daughter Emma decided she wanted to cheer. Tara herself cheered a little in middle school and now finds herself wanting to make a bigger commitment then she ever anticipated. Last year she was asked to help assist coach for the FSK Jr Eagles flag football team and later that season continued as assistant for the Rebels Xtreme team. Throughout the season she supported each role however she could and later accepted a board position in April for the Fundraising Coordinator. She demonstrates excitement and great ideas to support the program. Tara admits she is typically a shy personality but volunteering for the Rebels program has helped her come out of her shell in large group events. Like the rest of our coaches she has received and continues to work toward several certifications to improve her knowledge, ensure safety for the girls and be the best coach she can be for our children.

Half Year

Courtney Miller


Half Year Head Coach

Courtney Miller started cheering at the age of 5. She cheered with the Jr. Eagle program for 9 years and all 4 years through FSK High School. After high school she started work through a Daycare caring for kids ages 2 through school age. She quickly became a lead teacher and continues to strive for more certifications and trainings to help in her job. She started her coaching experience assisting with teams during her high school years through the jr eagles. Courtney has also head coached for one year through the same program. She uses her own experiences with cheer to help guide and inspire cheerleaders of all ages. She was an assistant coach for competitive cheer in 2014-2015 and looks to continue her coaching experiences this year through the Rebels sideline program. Courtney is excited to be a part of this new team and can’t wait to watch them grow their skills and mature as young adults. We are excited to welcome Courtney to our Rebels family!

Ebony Richardson


Half Year Assistant Coach

Ebony Richardson is new to the Rebels family but not new to cheerleading. She started cheering in the 2nd grade for the FSK Jr. Eagles program and continued till high school aged where she cheered for the Francis Scott Key Eagles. She cheered for 6 seasons in all for high school. She has experience as a flyer and will be able to relate to the fears of this vital role. She loves working with children and is currently working with special education children in the school system. She too carries multiple certifications and is excited to see the girls grow in their cheerleading careers!!!